Hello everyone with a belated post 😊

In this article, I am here to tell you about the 2 months I spent. For me, I can say that these two months were worth my whole life, both good and bad. In the first week of February, I met two volunteers living in Voru and working in kindergarden. After a long time, it was good for me mentally to have someone who has experienced similar things to me in the area I live in 😀 We created a trip plan to Riga together and we will start traveling after mid-term.

As the date showed 6 February, I woke up with bad news. The earthquake in Turkey affected 11 cities. Many of my friends and acquaintances lost their homes and families with the earthquake. While the delay of the Turkish government cost many lives, other countries became a cure for us. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone and all countries who came to help.

During the earthquake process, we held a mid-term meeting in a forest house near Tallinn. It was very good spiritually and emotionally to meet with other volunteers in Estonia and meet new friends. In mid-term, we crossed a frozen lake, including an old abandoned prison. It was a very enjoyable, productive meeting with a busy schedule.

After mid-term, we set off by train to discover Latvia-Riga, which we had planned beforehand. It was a journey as cheap as 4 volunteering but rich in adventure. During this trip, we participated in free tours in Riga, explored the city, and visited museums. It was very enjoyable for me.

After returning from Riga, we met a volunteer in Parnu from Turkey through the whatsapp group and organized a sudden trip to helsinki. Of course, since the Helsinki ferry was early, we stayed in Tallinn the day before. We had fun with other Turkish students and volunteers during our time in Tallinn. It felt good to run to the ferry early in the morning and sleep soundly on the ferry. To be honest, I think I’ve overlooked helsinki before. It is a very beautiful city in terms of minimalism, but I think it is not enough in terms of activity and social space. I would also like to point out that it is a very expensive city if there are those who are thinking of going. With a huge loss of money (hahaha) and memories.

I could not stand still as soon as I returned to Estonia and set off with my Big Boss Jaanika and Ele to attend a training course in Latvia. During this course, we received a training on video editing, scenario creation, making beautiful videos with inexpensive equipment. I can say that this course is equal to my whole life. I have never participated in such an intensive course in my life. I can’t miss that it is a very colorful course with participants from almost all over the world and it contributed a lot to me in discovering myself 😊 We covered a lot of topics, shot a lot of videos, learned a lot of new things in an average of 2 weeks we spent here. (Both about ourselves and about each other)

Memories to be missed are multiplying, anyway, let’s not go too long without celebrating the birthday of the big boss 😊

Happy birthday Jaanika, I wish you health, happiness and lots of travel with your loved ones in your new age 😊

– Emre ( Your best friend )